CK Keung

Passionate about science fiction and imaginative things, often incorporating these elements into his comic and illustration works. He started serializing comics in the children's comic magazine "CO-CO!" since 1999, and the "Samba AMIGO" series has been serialized for over thirteen years, making him one of the most popular children's comic artists in Hong Kong. In 2016, he launched the independent comic magazine "Comic O", which collects original short comics from dozens of local comic artists with broad and diverse themes. In 2021, he founded HAND SOLO, focusing on producing and promoting local original anime works.

姜智傑 CK Keung

熱愛科幻和異想天開的事物,經常把這些元素放到漫畫和插畫作品內。自 1999 年開始在兒童漫畫雜誌《CO-CO!》連載漫畫,其中「森巴 AMIGO」系列連載超過十三年,是香港最受歡的兒童漫畫家之一。2016 年策劃推出獨立漫畫雜誌《Comic O》,集合了幾十位本地漫畫家的原創短篇漫畫,提材自由廣泛。2021 年成立 HAND SOLO,主力製作及推廣本地原創動漫作品。

Nic Ho

Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Digital Media. In 2011, he founded the animation studio "INTOXIC STUDIO" and is now the studio's animation director. His representative animated short films include MOUNTAINS AND SEAS, BEHIND THE SCHOOLBAG, DAP PANG MAN have received numerous awards, including an animation gold award at the IFVA and HKICT, a silver award of Digicon6 HK.

何歷 Nic Ho

畢業於香港理工大學數碼媒體,於 2011 年成立動畫工作室「INTOXIC STUDIO」,現為工作室的動畫導演。代表動畫短片作品包括《觀照》、《搭棚工人》、《山海歷險》等,其中《山海歷險 -泥人村》更奪得「第22屆 DigiCon6 ASIA 大賞」亞洲總選銀獎-亞洲視野獎。

Momo Leung

Hong Kong illustrator, passionate about art and illustration, was the 2016 Open Group Champion of “Ohmykids” Youth & Children Graphic Book Competition. Her artworks were also showcased in various exhibition sites including Hong Kong K11 Mall, Tgt Art and Design Gallery etc. Momo has also collaborated with jewellery brand “PANDORA", skincare brand "Fresh", Kolour Mall, LensCrafters, sportswear brand “Lululemon Athletica”. Her illustration styles are full of fantasy. Natural elements are often her source of inspiration. Momo is skillful at using watercolour, pencil and colour pencil. She always imagines there is another world and through her hands, she can visualize the imaginary world. She is currently active as a freelance illustrator, organising different illustration workshops and selling her original product in different flea-market.

梁家碧 Momo Leung

香港插畫師協會秘書、本地插畫師。曾於「Ohmykids」青少年及兒童繪本比賽奪得公開組冠軍及第四屆中華區插畫獎優秀獎。多年從事插畫經驗,作品入選多個展覽,包括「Tgt Art and Design Gallery」個展、了了咖啡室個人畫展《小島》、尖沙咀 K11 特設個人展區展岀「立體插畫隧道書」等。插畫合作單位包括為知名首飾品牌 PANDORA 現場活動插畫師、護膚品牌 Fresh 及 Philosophy、運動品牌 Lululemon Athletica 活動插畫、荃灣及元朗千色匯商場聖誕插畫等。插畫風格奇幻細膩,喜愛自然元素,擅長使用水彩、鉛筆及木顏色等媒介。

Tango Jack

Graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelors of Engineering in computer science, Tango is specialized in creating interactive artworks and installations using his artistic expression and musicianship as well as his knowledge of engineering and programming for computing. Aside from his business, he has also designed and created interactive musical instruments for SENS students in the Philippines. A passionate self-learner, he experiments with the latest tools and software in music and arts to explore and develop educational content.

Tango Jack

Tango Jack 畢業於香港大學計算機科學學士學位課程,擅長運用藝術及音樂技巧、工程學及編程技術創建互動式藝術作品和裝置。除了研究不同藝術科技項目,他還為菲律賓的SENS學生設計並創建了互動式音樂樂器。他不斷嘗試最新的音樂和藝術工具和軟件,以探索和開發教育內容。

Kenneth Tang

Kenneth Tang is the founder of DO LABS, a design agency based in Hong Kong, specialized in crafting UX experiences for business growth. He has recently incorporated AI-integrated design workflows into his design processes, and some of his previous clients include bowtie, viuTV, Decathlon and AIA.

Kenneth Tang

DO LABS 創辦人,專門為大型企業業務增長打造UX體驗,客戶包括 bowtie、viuTV、迪卡儂、AIA 等。他近年將人工智能納入工作流程設計過程中,建立原創AI教材。

Ferrance Leung

A local illustrator who specializes in combining traditional and digital techniques in his creations. With many years of experience in art, he focuses on inspiring students' artistic thinking and independent creative ability.

梁嘉龍 Ferrance Leung


Roxy Dai

Board game designer and illustrator, and ARTBAT live commentator. She has participated in board games such as "Eila and Something Shiny," "Billionaire Sergeant," and "Phantom·Crown·Detective."

戴樂詩 Roxy Dai

桌遊設計及插畫師、ARTBAT 直播主持人。參與桌遊作品包括:「Eila and Something Shiny」、「Billionaire Sergeant」、「Phantom·Crown·Detective」等。

Euliis Luk

Director of Curriculum Design and Education at ARTBAT Academy, and illustrator from Hong Kong. In addition to her more than seven years of experience in art education, she was also an art instructor at Y. Art Education Ltd., where she provided small group or one-to-one professional art training to students aged four to thirteen.

陸小鵹 Euliis Luk

課程設計及教學總監、本地插畫師。超過七年藝術教育經驗,曾任 Y. Art Education Ltd. 藝術導師,為四至十三歲學生提供小班或一對一專業美術培訓。