Digital Art Course

Learn Procreate with zero pre-requisite and go all the way to creating your own art piece with AI assisted technology.

Momo Leung

Last update: Sep 2023

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Course Overview

This course attaches great importance to students' artistic development and takes creative thinking as the axis of the course. It combines traditional skills with innovative technology to establish a solid foundation in electronic painting. To stimulate imagination and creativity through diverse experiences, the "ARTBAT LAB Art Sensory Expansion Laboratory" has been specially added to strive to enhance students' sensitivity to sensory perception, aesthetics, personal style, etc., focusing on self-expression and understanding of inner thoughts.

What you will be learning

Describe the different types of AR/VR and metaverse technologies and how they can be used to create art
Use VR painting software and techniques to create their own works of art
Define and explain the key concepts of AR, VR, and metaverse art creation.
Explore and share their VR painting creations in the metaverse.
HK$ 250.00 
1.5 hrs/ lesson (12 lessons)
9 - 12 yrs old
English and Chinese
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Course Content

6 lessons (1.5 hrs each)
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

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Course Instructor

Euliis Luk

Director of Curriculum Design and Education at ARTBAT Academy, and illustrator from Hong Kong. Mesmerized by the unique and repeating sound made when colour pencils scratch on paper while drawing, she creates drawings resembling magical fantasies with extremely subtle strokes. In addition to her more than eight years of experience in art education, she was also an instructor at different art studios (including Y. Art Education Limited, Arts with Smile Limited) where she provided small group or one-to-one professional art training to students aged four to thirteen.

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